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Let's start a new beginning.

We Connect our clients to programs that offer:

Mental Health Skill-Building Services (MHSS) enables individuals to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in a less restrictive environment. Our treatment model trains individuals to develop independent living skills such as maintaining personal hygiene, adequate nutrition, managing finances, medication management, mental stability and maintaining physical condition. Individuals eligible for this service may have a dual diagnosis of a mental illness and intellectual disability, or mental illness and substance use disorder. Mental Health Skill-Building Services can be a key component to enhance the community and individuals' lives.


Outpatient Therapy helps our clients through the use of various treatment approaches for depression management, anger management, relationship issues, life stage problems, and much more.


Crisis Stabilization provides immediate mental health care, to assist individuals in situations that display behavior that puts them at risk of hurting themselves or others. Services are utilized to meet people in crisis and connect them to a behavioral health specialist 24 hours per day 365 days a year. 

Intensive In-Home is a supportive & comprehensive program designed as a wraparound service to meet the needs of youth experiencing a mental crisis. Through family engagement & support, the services benefit youth at risk of out of home placement and those returning to their homes from inpatient treatment. 


And More!

Our agency accepts Medicaid plans through the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS). We also serve clients referred to us through local funding sources in localities throughout Virginia.

We partner with organizations in the community to provide case management, medication management, and substance abuse, etc.

Client Eligibility

  • Medicaid recipient with a mental health diagnosis (i.e depression, schizophrenia)

  • Prescribed psychotropic medication in the last 12 months, (even if non-compliant)

  • Recent or history of psychiatric hospitalizations

  • Impairment in major life activities - to include daily living skills 

  • In need of assistance to develop and maintain community stability and independence

  • Difficulty with interpersonal relationships, isolation, and the ability to recognize personal danger or inappropriate social behavior

  • Have received repeated interventions from mental health services, social services, or the judicial system

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